Do you feel overwhelmed and not knowing what to do?​

Sometimes in life, we feel overwhelmed by the things that happen to us, and it is possible that we also begin to feel hopeless as if we cannot find a way out. We feel trapped in our own heads not knowing what to do next and how to move on with our lives. At such difficult times, all we need is faith in ourselves and a little encouragement in the form of a friendly motivational talk. "Friendly Motivational Talks - A quick guide to dealing with difficulties" will give you exactly that - a friendly motivational talk and will also inspire you with empowering thoughts that have the capacity to strengthen your faith and confidence in yourself. If read and re-read, the book will give you a new way of thinking and a new focus on your situation. And when our focus changes, our reality changes, and we get to notice the new opportunities that are in front of us.

Is there a situation in your life that you feel you cannot deal with?

Are you constantly worried and overthinking possible outcomes?

Are you tired of living your life the way you currently are?

  • Do you feel discouraged to take whatever action?
  • Have you realized that you cannot go on in the same way?
  • Are you convinced that there should be another way and this cannot be how life should be lived?
  • Are you in desperate search for answers and a new way of looking at the situations that trouble you?
  • Are you scared to even think about what is going to happen in your life?
  • Do you feel that you have no faith in yourself?

How long are you going to wait? How much more can you handle? Isn’t it time that you changed something?